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Analyses, projects & education

We have a background in research and substantial experience in realising large and small projects, analyses and education in Sweden and abroad. Ask us about planning and designing different types of experiments and scientific publication. However, we are also highly committed to findning solutions, new paths and developing new services. We are the bridge between university and industry, we have an extended network and always help out when we can.
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Need help with performing or managing a project? Or write an application for funding of a project? We have experience in working with and managing both national and international projects, writing research applications and applications for different kinds of funding.

Studies & syntheses

Need a survey of the field? We perform literature studies, review papers and syntheses on the research done in your requested topic. A synthesis can be the basis for starting a new project, product development, marketing or for educational purposes.



We have experience in teaching from longer higher educational programs to shorter courses and web courses. Educational days, seminars and workshops are designed after specific needs and requests. We also produce teaching materials.

Ongoing projects


Everybody benefits by starting with the right forage, then it also becomes easier to get the rest of the feed ration right. It is also the most economic alternative. We attend the forage requirements for all types of horses and businesses. Our strength is our knowledge and we only mediate forage with analysis and always in combination with counselling.
With focus on horses’ health and performance and your economy we balance and optimises feed rations after the latest research. We do feed ration calculations and helps you to optimise the entire feed section of your business. If there are feeding related problems – small or big – we help you solve them.

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Correct feeding of forage prevents many problems and diseases in horses. It is very important that horses are allowed to eat forage of sufficient amount and frequency to avoid health problems and behavioural disorders. Today we know that better feeding implies better welfare. With this website we want to contribute. Collaboration partner is Trioplast AB.